November 26, 2013   3 notes   

When my junior planner comes to her first rep event

She’s like

November 26, 2013   1 note   

When my client doesn’t believe that newspaper isn’t a good investment anymore

My account director is like

November 26, 2013   5 notes   

Butterball Media Account in Chaos After Managing Director Reveals PETA Membership

New York —  The entire Butterball media planning team is in a shambles after MediaWorld Managing Director and Butterball account lead, Sue Gibbons revealed to her team on Monday that she is an active member of PETA, three days before Thanksgiving. “The annualized genocide committed on these innocent, feathered creatures is cruel,” said Gibbons in a press conference outside her office. “So to make matters right we have strategically placed all Butterball advertising in newspapers, directories and other forms of dying media to ensure that consumer demand plummets!”

Meanwhile, Butterball executives were left scrambling at the last minute to purchase as much spot media as possible. “This is outrageous!” said George Martell, Director of Innovation at Butterball, “Sue presented a carefully crafted strategic plan that included TV, digital, mobile and tablet media and what we got was some newspapers in Des Moines and a few Yellow Pages placements in Boise! Our KPIs are going to be terrible!” Martell went on to say that his firm, who is no stranger to PETA-like protests, has a sterling track record with various animal rights groups and hopes this event doesn’t encourage vegetarianism in their core target of people who celebrate Thanksgiving.

No word on whether MediaWorld will retain the account.

November 26, 2013   2 notes   

When a sales rep asks me to send him a calendar invite + a dial in number so he can walk me through their value prop

I’m like


November 25, 2013   2 notes   

When I tell my ad ops guy that he has to launch a campaign when the office is closed for the holidays

He’s like

November 20, 2013   2 notes   

When billing asks me to provide October actuals 10 minutes after I’ve sent October actuals

I’m like

November 19, 2013   10 notes   

When my boss says I’m in line for a raise

I’m like

November 14, 2013   3 notes   

When I try to look busy because there’s a client in town

I’m like

November 13, 2013   2 notes   

When my agency’s execs are invited to take a tour of the Home Depot client offices

My CEO is like

November 13, 2013   4 notes   

When a rep winks at me during a meeting and asks if there’s anything else he can help me with

I’m like

November 13, 2013

When I tell my college friends about the perks I get from being a media planner

I’m like

November 4, 2013   2 notes   

When I’m on a client call and someone is behind me makes a loud noise

It’s like

November 1, 2013   4 notes   

When a vendor I’ve never worked with asks for a $5 million commitment for 2014

I’m like

October 31, 2013   3 notes   

When my junior planner tries to get a raise by saying he has an offer at another agency

I’m like

October 30, 2013   2 notes   

When I hijack all of my client’s competitor hashtags for our recent Twitter campaign

I’m like