May 8, 2014   2 notes   


I’m like

April 25, 2014   3 notes   

When my director catches me playing Candy Crush at my desk

It’s like

April 21, 2014   2 notes   

When a rep tells me that his company can retarget anyone who purchased a product made by my client’s main competitor

I’m like

April 21, 2014   9 notes   

When advertising and editorial DON’T contextually align well

ESPN combines coverage of Boston Marathon with homepage takeover that has explosions in imagery #badmediaplanning

April 3, 2014   10 notes   

When my director tells me the client has cancelled the presentation that I spent the last 2 days working on

I’m like

April 1, 2014   3 notes   

When my director gets asked a question in a client meeting the day after putting in his two weeks notice

He’s like

April 1, 2014   4 notes   

When my junior planner walks out of the room thinking he just crushed his client meeting

He’s like

March 27, 2014   2 notes   

When I announce that we’ve uncovered $650,000 in unreported client revenue during our quarterly budget meeting

The board is like

March 27, 2014   2 notes   

When my junior planner asks me if I celebrate Christmas in April

I’m like

March 27, 2014   1 note   

When I tell my rep that I need to give him some incremental

He’s like

March 14, 2014   4 notes   


I’m still like

March 3, 2014   7 notes   

When the creative agency joins our conference call 25 minutes late

I’m like

February 26, 2014   1 note   

When my planner says something truly idiotic during a lunch and learn

I’m like

February 20, 2014   18 notes   

Client Brief vs. Client Budget

…if anyone knows who’s responsible for this by all means holler back so we can give credit. This is too good! Seems to be @BrandonVision

February 20, 2014   4 notes   

When I hear that Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion

I’m like