June 19, 2014   5 notes   

When I ask my summer intern if he wants to help out with a client pitch

He’s like

June 17, 2014

When my director tells me that I’ll be presenting in a pitch at the last minute

When we win the business I’m like

June 13, 2014   1 note   

When I’m in a meeting on a Summer Friday

I’m like


June 12, 2014   1 note   

When a rep brings in treats on a Thursday afternoon

I’m like


June 11, 2014   4 notes   

When I get a company email saying there’s food in the bistro

I’m like


June 11, 2014   4 notes   

When my junior planner makes a wildly inaccurate claim during a client meeting

I’m like

June 10, 2014   7 notes   

When someone asks me what I do as a media planner

I’m like

June 10, 2014

When I ask my junior planner about campaign performance

I’m like

June 6, 2014

When my director leaves a presentation because the conference room is too hot

It’s like

June 6, 2014   4 notes   

When our client compliments our junior planner

She’s like

June 5, 2014   3 notes   

Agency Exec Fired After Recommending That Casino Run Only “Native Content”

Hartford, CT — In what only can be described as a massive misunderstanding, GluDotMedia AMD Travis Pickham was thrown out of a client meeting and subsequently fired from the Foxwoods Casino and Resort account after proposing a Q3 media plan that only featured ‘native ads’. “The brief requested ’native placements’! I thought it was a weird request but how am I supposed to know that actually meant stuff like listicles and in-stream media? I can’t keep up with all this marketing jargon!” said Pickham. Sources say that the meeting got off to a rocky start when Pickham appeared in a traditional head-dress and referred to himself as “Chief Falling Rates”.

Foxwoods PR director Catherine Hillis strongly rebutted Pickham’s version of the events stating that it is never appropriate to present to any client wearing insulting clothing and added that Pickham’s smoking of a peace pipe in a conference room violated a number of city ordinances

June 5, 2014   1 note   

Fox News Allegedly Behind The Disappearance of MH370

New York — Allegations are swirling around Fox News after news broke on Wednesday that the network may be behind the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The flight manifest now shows that a number of passengers have employment history with the conservative news station. “They stole the plane! It’s parked in a LaGuardia hangar. They’re so desperate for ratings right now that they’ve resorted to creating and perpetuating their own news stories!” says former Fox News executive producer Liam Stanley, “Rupert [Murdoch] has nothing to lose at this point, he just spends his time watching movies like ‘Wag the Dog’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ so you knew this was coming.”

"Obviously this story is totally false. Fox News merely reports on stories in a "fair and balanced" manner. Our condolences go out to the families and those left with questions on the disappearance of the plane," said Winston Turnbull IV, a spokesman for the cable news station. "But we do want to appreciate the fact that this long-running story has kept us on top of the coveted 18-34 demographic, upping ratings and having a positive effect on our ad pricing. We are really crushing it right now!"

CNN, MNBC and other cable news stations had no comment but a number of news vans were spotted heading towards LaGuardia Airport in Queens to likely investigate these claims.

June 4, 2014   2 notes   

When a client makes a sarcastic comment about the media plan I’m presenting

I’m like

June 4, 2014   2 notes   

When a rep doesn’t edit their blanket emails and addresses you by the wrong name

I’m like…

May 30, 2014   9 notes   

When the sales rep responds with a CPM above ratecard