January 9, 2014   4 notes   

When I try to talk business with my print director during our first day at CES

He’s like


January 7, 2014   10 notes   

After a particularly difficult client approves a campaign

We’re like

nate R.

January 6, 2014   6 notes   

When I show my supervisor that we mistakenly underdelivered our last campaign

We’re like

December 19, 2013   1 note   

When I send my new client at Starbucks our weekly report and she responds, “Thanks a latte!”

I’m like


December 18, 2013   1 note   

When our company’s DSP goes down

My agency’s execs are like

December 16, 2013   11 notes   

When I have a conference call in 2 minutes but I really need to use the restroom

I’m like

December 13, 2013   5 notes   

When I walk into a conference room where a client is yelling at my director

I’m like

December 12, 2013   1 note   

When I tell my rep he’s on the plan only to have my client cancel the entire campaign

My rep is like

December 11, 2013   4 notes   

When I tell my rep that he didn’t make the plan but that we may look to test new vendors later in the year

He’s like

December 6, 2013   10 notes   

When the PR agency has a suggestion on how to improve the campaign

I’m like…     



December 6, 2013

When I send a publisher an IO and the unnecessary back-and-forth starts

They’re like:


And I’m like: 


December 6, 2013

When the client says our media budget has been cut to support creative production overages

I’m like

December 6, 2013   3 notes   

When I have to meet with the new creative agency at their office

I’m like

December 5, 2013

When my director heads to a holiday rep event and I try to hitch a ride

It’s like


December 2, 2013   6 notes   

When I’m back in the office after the long Thanksgiving holiday

I’m like